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Originally delivered on 6/5/2024 2:42 pm

SUBJECT: YOU made this possible-- Look at these numbers :-)

Dear Families & Community, 

It's been an honor serving as your PTA president for the past three years. We have been through a lot together in recovering from the pandemic, witnessing unprecedented workforce shortages in our schools, and yet always partnering together as teachers, parents, school staff, and community members to ensure that all children, especially the ~750 precious students at CBCS, have the opportunity to reach their potential. 

I'm so pleased to continue supporting the PTA for years to come and to support Dalila Fairchild, as she steps up as President for the next two years. I hope you will offer your support to her. Many of us are juggling work, child-rearing, and so many other responsibilities, which is why we need this village. 

You'll see in our numbers below... more than 251 of you volunteered, contributing more than 2,250 hours!! (And those are just the ones we could track.) What an incredible experience for our children, to see so many grownups showing up for them. They will no doubt carry this love with them as they journey into adulthood. 

A huge shoutout to the Leadership Team of the PTA who have made this volunteer experience so fun, energizing, and rewarding. And the biggest thanks goes to the teachers and staff on the front lines every day, nurturing our dearest young people.


Margaux Helvey


Appreciation Meals Catered

for Teachers & Staff


Free Wellness Services

for Teachers & Staff


Classroom Resource 

Requests Fulfilled


Coffees & Pastries Delivered

to Teachers & Staff


Donated towards

Elementary Student Programs


Donated towards 

Secondary Student Programs


Parents Volunteered in the School!


Hours of Time were Donated!


 In Gift Cards to Teachers and Staff!

*Gift cards were distributed to all CBCS staff for bdays, holidays, & year-end gifts.

PTA Leadership Team

Margaux Helvey,* Morgan Qualls,* Jen Willett,* Leigh Paulsen,* Laurie Voegeli,* Annie Davis*   *officers

Victoria Wise, Jana Martin, Samantha McMahon, Mollye Erickson, Cassie Pence, Katie Heinle, Lori Mason, Beth Weber, Lindsey Phillips, Allie Pugh,  Ali Johnson, Sylvia Salcedo, Lauren Dimon 

Room Parents

Jill Voyles, Kristen Mayer, Stevie Kremer, Jenny Ward, Tucker Brown, Risa Brown, Jamie Booth, Mollye Erickson, Meg Erickson, Margaret Platt, Coral Frischkorn, Dalila Fairchild, Kristin King, Jenny Whitacre, Tania Velasquez, Jen Verdecchia, Snow Burns, Beth Weber, Molly Drees


Allison Butcher, Katelyn Barber, Theo Beck, Aime Bielak, Krista Blaisdell, Jamie Booth, Bridget Brewer, Kendra Brooks, Tucker Brown, Elishia Bryan, Tom Buchanan, Cassia Cadenhead, Ryan Cadenhead, Lisa Caler, Andrea Cappy, Angela Carroll, Sarah Coleman, Annie Davis, Lauren Dimon, Molly Drees, Aimee Dryer, Jessica Earley, Meg Erickson, Mollye Erickson, Chloe Eskew, Dalila Fairchild, Alex Fenlon, Chandler Fritts, Joseph Garrett, Amy Girand, Beth Goldstone, Andi Goodnough, Joseph Graceffa, Jennie Graz, Laurie Halee, Brooke Hallweaver, Kat Harrington, Sarah Hartigan, Emily Harwell, Katie Heinle, Gregg Helvey, Margaux Helvey, Troy Hendrick,  Erin Hensley, Korlissa Hess, Nicolette Hooge, Lori Horn, Nellie Johnson, Ali Johnson, Laura Kaulike, Kristin King, Shelly Knight, John Leonardi, Joleen Loftus, Kathryn Long, Ashley MacLeod, Tiffany Marsee, Jana Martin, Lori Mason, Melissa Mason, Leta Maunz, Samantha McMahon, Erin Meadows, Lacey Meyer, Alfonso Morales, Lorena Mosquera, Katie Mueller, Brooke Murphy, Kay Nettles, David Ochs, Missy Ochs, Rebecca Ofstedahl, Linsdsay Oleson, Megan Ortgessen, Leigh Paulsen, Cassie Pence, Natalie Pfister Riha, Lindsey Phillips, Allison Pugh, Morgan Qualls, Sara Reese, Jennifer Reithel, Jess Rombough, Kendra Ryan, Kiley Sahr, Sylvia Salcedo, Jamie Schneider, Myrna Shonk, Melissa Smith-Kontos, Kate Somrak, Jen Spedden, Carli Spivey, Chelsea Stangl, Jason Sumner, Ben Sweitzer, Joanna Sweitzer, Sheana Tanazaki, Mandy Thompson, Liz Tucker, Ginny Turner, Megan Ulrich, Jenna Van Gorder, Amy VanderVeer, Mark VanderVeer, Laurie Voegeli, Leslie Walton, Jenny Ward, Carolyn Wayne-Cerio, Beth Weber, Jenny Whitacre, Jennifer Willett, Victoria Wise, Jill Wolfson

 **Volunteer names were generated from SignUp Genius prior to May 31. Apologies if we misspelled or omitted anyone!  

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